Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Reuters "reports" on Bush's speech

Last night the President delivered a speech on Iraq. This morning I searched Reuters for news on the speech. The search (for "Bush" and "speech") revealed seven headlines. Six were negative (in the headline, the lede or both) and one -- the partial text of the speech -- was neutral.

Two of the headlines highlighted negative reaction:
  • Iraqis sceptical on Bush speech, want U.S. out
  • Battered Iraqis find no comfort in Bush speech
Two of the articles had typical Reuters scare quotes* in the lede:
  • U.S. Readies Iraq U.N. Resolution Before Bush Speech
    "The United States plans to disclose on Monday the text of a new U.N. resolution that would call for 'full sovereignty' for Iraqis, despite the presence of 130,000 U.S. troops..."
  • Big Four to Pass on Bush Speech
    "The broadcast networks are not expected to carry President Bush's primetime speech Monday night, in which he will lay out a 'clear strategy' for the future of Iraq."
Two others led with sentiments overtly negative to Bush or the U.S.:
  • Bush Speech to Try to Assure Americans on Iraq
    "With support for his Iraq policies at an all-time low, President Bush..."
  • Iraq Wedding Film Challenges U.S. on Air Strike
    "New video footage showing Iraqis celebrating a desert wedding raised more questions Monday about a U.S. air strike last week that killed about 40 people."
And the only one of the crop not overtly negative was a partial text of the speech. (Wonder why Reuters did not see fit to publish the whole thing.):
  • TEXT-Bush Speech on Iraq Strategy

* If you're not familiar with Reuters' use of scare quotes, you should be reading Taranto more often.