Wednesday, June 02, 2004

2 of 20 in Kerry ad pic support Kerry

According to, of the 20 men pictured in a Kerry campaign photo, two support Kerry, one is Kerry, eleven condemn Kerry, four are neutral and two are deceased:
[T]he photo in Kerry’s national campaign ads contains 20 officers, including Kerry, 11 of whom signed a letter condemning Kerry yet their image is being widely used in his own campaign. It was taken on the island of An Thoi on January 22, 1969. These officers together with Swift Boat Veterans for Truth call upon him to cease the unauthorized use of their photo by his campaign. They are jointly submitting the attached letter to John Kerry....

Of the remaining eight officers in the photo: two are deceased and four do not wish to be involved in any manner; only two of the 20 are believed to support Kerry.