Thursday, June 10, 2004


Video highlights of Ronald Reagan here.

Not to be confused with this dyslogy from Truthout's William Rivers Pitt. (More on dislogy below.) Turns out Reagan is responsible for all the evils in America.
The truth is straightforward: Virtually every significant problem facing the American people today can be traced back to the policies and people that came from the Reagan administration. It is a laundry list of ills, woes and disasters that has all of us, once again, staring apocalypse in the eye.
And to think, one of my closer friends tells me Truthout is his primary reading for political opinion.

Mindles Dreck called Pitt's piece a dyslogy, and so I went fishing for a definition. In this glossary dyslogy was nestled comfortably between dolorifuge and ergasiophobia:
Dyslogy n.
Dispraise; uncomplimentary remarks. The opposite of "eulogy." "Okay, everyone, let's hear it for the retiring President! Let's give him the dyslogy he so richly deserves!"
Perhaps my ergasiophobia is a subconscious quest for dolorifuge, he mused in a moment of fustian sesquipedalianism.