Friday, July 09, 2004

Kerry campaign contradicts Kerry

The Kerry campaign did their best to distance themselves from caustic and off-color comments by various celebrities at a recent fundraiser, according to the L.A. Times today:
Kerry Camp Cautious About Celebrities' Anti-Bush Remarks

Performers at a Kerry benefit concert were expressing personal views, Kerry's campaign manager says.

Strategists for John F. Kerry backed away today from some of the more incendiary and off-color denunciations of the Bush administration delivered by Hollywood celebrities at a New York City fund-raiser.

"Obviously, the views expressed by the performers last night are their own views," Mary Beth Cahill, the manager of Kerry's presidential campaign, told reporters in a morning conference call.

"Sen. Kerry and Sen. Edwards have made very clear how they want to run this race and what they're going to talk about. ... They do not approve of some of the remarks made," she said.
Kerry however disagreed:
Kerry thanked the performers, saying they conveyed "the heart and soul of our country." The closest Kerry came to criticizing anyone was when he chastised Goldberg for referring to Edwards as "Kid," noting that he was a man.
Disclaimer: The writer of this blog recognizes the triviality of this issue and concedes that if his guy did this, he would discount any criticism as partisan bickering.