Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A British bobby on why Bush will win

A bobby explains Bush's appeal:

I like Bush because he is affable and if he says he’s going to bomb you he is as good as his word and I think that counts for a lot in politicians today. Articulate he is not but he seems to get by.

I never could warm to Clinton because he fudged everything which probably means he was a pretty good politician. He will always be remembered for his poor judgement where women were concerned.

As for Kerry he seems blessed with neither charm, determination nor political savvy.

I think the Bush dynasty is safe.

This comes via Peter Schramm whose blog, No Left Turns, I found today. Schramm is a former Reagan official and current head of the Ashbrook Center, an organization whose programs are "are directed to the scholarly defense of individual liberty, limited constitutional government and civic morality, which together constitute our democratic way of life." Sounds good to me.

From my first exposure to Schramm's work, I like it. And you cannot quibble with his judgment in terms of the links he chooses for his blog.