Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Kerry supporters for Bush

I was browsing the official Kerry-Edwards blog today and found two remarkable posts:
I saw Bush's UN speech and I can understand some part of his appeal. ...There's an optimism or uplift to his message that I imagine is well received by his listeners. Presidents Clinton and Reagan also had this gift (and it is a gift). It's easy to come away from Bush's speech feeling good about the country and about Bush....

Senator Kerry is a fine man and a good speaker but he's not quite as easy to warm up to as Bush (or Clinton or Reagan). In some ways, he reminds me a bit of Carter, Dukakis and even Dole on the other side ... a little reserved and distant.

I'm confident the voters will take the full measure of each man and come to the right decision.

Posted by: MikeH on September 21, 2004 01:16 PM
Granted it's a bit dowdified (omitting a bit about Bush's rhetoric being removed from reality), but still a remarkable message considering in what blog it appears. Bush, like Reagan, is uplifting. Kerry, like Carter and Dukakis, is reserved and distant. Can the Bush campaign hire this guy?

Then there's this reply:


I just don't see the warmth in Bush or the good delivery of any speech, and never have. What comes across to me is empty rhetoric, abject stupidity, a cocky sense of entitlement, and the impression that Bush has been coached to within an inch of his life. This "warmth" thing has been manufactured by the White House and disseminated by the media. Bush only cares about promoting himself, his rich friends, and his narrow, destructive views.

To me, Kerry seems much more warm, intelligent, real, and natural. And Bush can't even stand in the same room with Clinton.

Posted by: RoseM on September 21, 2004 01:50 PM

If RoseM's attitude is widespread among Kerry operatives, Bush may just be misunderestimated all the way to the White House for a second term.