Thursday, September 30, 2004

Memo from Iraq: "Mr Novak, you are wrong... This is OUR dream."

I missed this Iraqi rebuttal to Robert Novak's column last week:

...I want freedom and democracy and so do most of my friends and relatives, and the vast majority of Iraqis I’ve known all my life. So do hundreds of thousands of IP, ING members, hundreds of political organizations and millions of Iraqis who are defending the American administration’s dream (you know, because we can’t have a dream!), and who wait anxiously for the upcoming elections. Are we not Arabs and Muslims? Or were we brainwashed by the American propaganda to believe that their dream was ours?

NO Mr. Novak, you are WRONG and I’m being very nice here. This is not an adventure and this is not a neo-conservative dream. This is OUR dream. The dream of millions of oppressed Iraqis who saw what dictatorship can do and who were dying to witness a moment of freedom, to live a peaceful life, a life that carries hope and make dreams not that impossible, a life similar to yours, or is it too much to hope for? We had this dream before anyone heard about neo-conservatives.

I don’t believe what you say about the American administration Mr. Novak, but even if you were right, you can give up on your dream. We won’t give up on ours, and may God help us.

Novak's column claims that Bush administration officials are recommending an early withdrawal from Iraq. The above excerpt takes particular exception to Novak's claim that,
Getting out of Iraq would end the neoconservative dream of building democracy in the Arab world.
(Link via Andrew Hofer.)