Monday, November 15, 2004

Powell and three others are out. Six overall.

The A.P. reports that six members of Bush's cabinet are on their way out:

The White House on Monday announced [Secretary of State Colin] Powell's plan to depart along with the resignations of Education Secretary Rod Paige, Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman and Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham.

Combined with the resignations earlier this month of Commerce Secretary Don Evans and Attorney General John Ashcroft, six of Bush's 15 Cabinet members will not be part of the president's second term...
Here's an endorsement of Zell Miller for State. Is this quote for real?
I don't much care what France thinks... they're just a buncha wine drinkin', crossandwich eatin' buncha pansies that make love with their mouth and ain't never seen no bath water ... the only beret worth wearin' is a green beret and they'd all be doin' the Sieg Heil shuffle if it weren't for our brave boys over there in Dubya Dubya Two. And Jock Chir-rack? I'd like to git that greased-up toe-licking mama's boy out behind a woodshed and slap him stem-whinin'. Problem is, he'd run like his feet was on fire and his ass was catchin', jes like all them damn frogs.