Tuesday, November 23, 2004

What media bias?

In the wake of one of our military's most successful campaigns, here in its entirety is what the current issue of Time has in the table of contents under "world":

  • Damage control: Video of a Fallujah shooting peels open a debate about self-defense and war crimes
  • What Soldiers Suffer: Combat "stress injuries"
  • War Game: Is the Taliban safe in Pakistan
Remember, at the cost of some 40 U.S. lives, the Marines and Army have just taken Fallujah, one of the worst dens of terror in the world. In the process they dispatched over 2000 enemy combatants and terrorists. What's more, they gave warning to the city ahead of time in hopes that innocents would evacuate. This was a great victory.

    And yet what Time sees fit to print are the above three articles. And people wonder why America thinks the mainstream press is biased.

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