Monday, December 13, 2004

Miracle begets yawn

Andrew Hofer points out "The Afghan Miracle: Why isn't this stunning U.S. success appreciated?," Charles Krauthammer's latest column.

How is the remarkable feat of democratic elections in Afghanistan covered? By focusing on the poppy trade. Krauthammer comments,
Good grief. This is news? "Afghanistan grows poppies" is the sun rising in the east. "Afghanistan inaugurates democratically elected president" is the sun rising in the west. Afghanistan has always grown poppies.
There's more:

What has happened in Afghanistan is nothing short of a miracle. Who is responsible for it? The New York Times gives the major credit to "the Afghan people" with their "courage and commitment." Courage and commitment there was, but the courage and commitment were curiously imperceptible until this administration conceived a radical war plan, executed it brilliantly, liberated the country and created from scratch the structures of democracy.