Friday, January 28, 2005

"See yourself in past lifetimes" and other greatest hits from public schools

A brochure and course listing arrived in the mail this week from the White Plains (NY) Public Schools Continuing Education program.

Precisely three courses appear under the category of "science":
  • Principles of Astrology for Beginners,
  • Past Lives ("Using a Mirror to see yourself in past lifetimes...") and
  • Astrology PredictionsMaking the Future Work for You ("Paticipants will learn how to forecast the future...").
No disclaimers about astrology being a pseudo-science. In fact, no disclaimers of any sort.

What's worse, the brochure makes it clear that this is a program of the public school district. It even lists the names of the members of the White Plains board of education as well as the superintendent. I called the information number to double check whether the continuing ed program was conducted under the auspices of the public school board of ed. I was told yes, it definitely was.

Makes you wonder what the kids in the White Plains public schools are learning.

[Update: The final paragraph of this post has been deleted.]