Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Stanford and Berkeley: Diversity in all things except political viewpoints

On Monday, AEI hosted a conference entitled, A "Liberal" Education? The Effects of Ideology in the Classroom.

At the conference, Prof. Daniel Klein presented Ideology of Faculty in the Social Sciences and Humanities. It presents some fascinating data on the political affiliations of the 1497 tenure-track faculty at Berkeley and Stanford. A few snippets from Klein's presentation:

  • In the Stanford humanities departments, there are 72 Democrats and 2 Republicans.
  • By comparison, the Stanford social sciences seem downright diverse with 72 Democrats and 8 Republicans.
  • In the social sciences and humanities at Stanford and Berkeley combined, the overall ratio of Democrats to Republicans is 16 to 1.

The numbers are overwhelming. Read the presentation for more.

Note: A piece I wrote last year on political giving at Ivy League schools revealed Democrat-Republican ratios in the same ballpark.