Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Condi's style

Betsy Newmark sums up an LA Times article on Condoleezza Rice's first weeks as Secretary of State:
Condi has hit the ground running and the Powell holdouts are upset.
Some of the article's themes:
  • Rice can be a skillful fence mender.
  • Rice can be a blunt and effective critic of unacceptable policies abroad.
  • Rice's style is a marked contrast from that of Colin Powell whose words were more "nuanced" and who stressed public harmony.
  • Rice and President Bush are in strong agreement on the issues.
  • Powell loyalists think this is a problem:
    And some former department officials said it would be harmful if the new similarity in thinking between top State and White House officials meant that Bush heard fewer opinions on complex foreign policy issues in internal meetings, as he did when Powell was secretary.
Is it not appropriate that Bush surround himself with thoughtful advisors who share his views on major world issues?