Friday, May 13, 2005

Front pages 2

In the post immediately below, I comment on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal coincidentally running very similar sports/human interest stories on their front pages today.

In another coincidence, neither the Times nor the Journal ran a front page story on the trial of Clinton's former campaign finance director today. But at least they had good reason:
"It's just not newsworthy," the unnamed pollster said. "It's nothing but a former First Lady who won a Senate seat with the help of a fundraising team which misstated expenses by more than 100 percent in order to dodge campaign finance laws, and worked with a former convict to produce a lavish star-studded Hollywood gala in tribute to President Bill Clinton as a way of getting the former president to support an internet venture started by the creator of Spider-Man. See, I almost dozed off while describing it to you. No wonder it fails to capture the attention of Mr. and Mrs. America."