Monday, June 20, 2005

Irony from Navasky: If you leave out inconvenient facts, it's intellectually dishonest

Victor Navasky, in an interview in yesterday's Boston Globe:
To me, if you leave out inconvenient facts, if you stack the deck, it's intellectually dishonest, it has nothing to do with being open about your political values.
An interesting sentiment, especially in light of the Navasky's not wanting to be put on the masthead of Columbia Journalism Review, a publication he was running behind the scenes. As readers of this blog know, Navasky is now running CJR openly, since his role there was outed by the blogosphere.

The Globe link above comes from Mediacrity, which is unimpressed with the Globe's reporting--or more accurately, the Globe's lack of reporting. The Globe article never refers to the CJR kerfuffle:
You have to figure that either A) The questioner didn't know, or B) The questioner didn't care. Hard to ascertain which is worse. I'd guess "all of the above." The questioner didn't know and if he knew, he wouldn't care.