Thursday, June 16, 2005

Speaking of liberal bigotry

John Hawkins has unearthed a classic thread from far-left community site, Democratic Underground. Here's a comment from one DU member commenting on Republicans:
EVERYTHING with me is about politics. If they vote repuke, that is not anyone I would EVER want as a friend. They're disgusting human beings. They hate anyone who isn't white, Christian, heterosexual, rich, and they are the most SELFISH, hateful, GREEDY group of people I've ever seen. AND they are ANTI-CHOICE! WHY the hell would I want to be friends with someone who stands for everything I hate? That just doesn't make sense. I have NO repuke friends and never will. I can't stand the very ground they walk on and they are all a waste of oxygen."
(Link via Betsy's Page.)