Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bush and the Angry Left: I read Atrios so you don't have to

First, the basics on President Bush's speech on Iraq:

But all that is not what I'm here to discuss.

I'm here to discuss the Angry Left. I've taken a brief look into their thoughts, and it is not a pretty sight.

Duncan Black (a.k.a. Atrios) runs a high-traffic liberal blog. He posted a brief reaction to Bush's speech tonight. Following that, his readers posted over a thousand comments. I skimmed the first couple of hundred. To save you the trouble of reading them all, I've picked a few representative posts and divided them into three helpful categories: "I hate Bush," "I really hate Bush" and "I really, really hate Bush." Here they are:
  • Category 1, "I hate Bush":
    • I can no longer stand to watch that sonofabitch. As I've said, I can scarcely stand to *think* about him.
    • I'm never again watching any speech Bush gives, unless I get advance notice that he's about to announce his resignation.

      I'd watch that.
    • As for the speech- I give it a grade of "the author deserves two swift pitchfork pokes in the eyeball"
  • Category 2, "I really hate Bush":
    • Mr. President, with all due respect: F*** you, you lying lawbreaking son of a bitch. [Emphasis in original. My asterisks.]
    • Take out the "all due respect" and I'm down with that.
    • Impeachment - NOW!!!
    • Because America has concluded that 9/11 didn't change everything: we had a s****ty president before 9/11, and we have a shitty president afterwards. [Emphasis in original. My asterisks.]
    • Alrighty then!! I do not despair that one day I will live to see you and all your ilk permanently relelated to the trash heap of history and/or prison AND I will never give up the fight to free this country from your pernicious influence.

      How do you like THOSE apples, f***wit? [My asterisks.]
    • Fulla shit.
      He feels how deeply I disagree with him? Fuck you, George. Send your daughters to Iraq if it's as noble as you claim.
    • Here he goes -- "we didn't find WMD's; everybody thought there were WMD's. We lied; but it was OK because Saddam was bad."

      Lying, lying,lying. And THE COUNTRY DRINKS THE KOOL-AID.
    • Impeach. Convict. Hand Over to the Hague.
    • It's enough to make one want to projectile vomit.
    • Damn I can't find that "lying sack of crap" jingle they play on Stephanie Miller so I'm not going to watch El Presidente speechify.

      I'd rather watch the Bears and Falcons do absolutely nothing.
    • ok, how bad is it...i can't watch him without getting physically ill...
    • I can't watch him, but someone tell me: Does he look like he's wearing his daddy's suit this time? You'd think with all the money he's embezzled over the years he could hire a tailor.
    • He's mentally ill.
  • Category 3, "I really, really hate Bush":
    • I hated Nixon. i don't know the word to describe the way I feel about this stinking pustulant arrongant sociopathic lying sack of smelling pustulence.
    • I despise the puke and spit on his shadow.
    • This a**hole needs to be impeached!
    • And he ends with a little prayer. Somebody bring him his ermine, now, and lead him away. Little motherfucker.
    • ... Can't think of a word black enough to describe just how f***ing much I hate him. [My asterisks.]
Yow. Now that's a lot of anger. And I didn't even get through a third of the comments.

Update: 'Lanche! Welcome, Instapundit readers. Have a look around.