Monday, February 27, 2006

Good for Cher

I've mentioned the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund a couple of times before. It will likely remain my family's top charity as long as we are at war.

When Hollywood and recording stars support worthwhile causes (a too-rare event) we should give them due credit, so take note of this e-mail message today from Bill White, head of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund:
Cher (yes of Sonnie and Cher) just called the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund line from California. She heard about us on Imus and was so moved by what we are doing that we will be making a $300,000. contribution today. I called IMUS to give him the great news and he invited her to call into his show live on MSNBC at 810am tomorrow or on WFAN 660am radio EST.

Cher will attend our opening ceremonies and possibly perform the National Anthem schedule permitting. She was very sweet and wonderful on the phone and talked about at 19 y/o visiting Vietnam and going to our troops hospitals there and visiting the soldiers. It was an honor to talk to her – was a wonderful 30 minute call and she is VERY interested in being with us.

What an amazing woman – Kudos to all and special thanks to IMUS.
Read more about the fund here. Make a donation here.

Update: Thanks for the links, K-Lo and the Armorer at Castle Argghhh.

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