Monday, March 20, 2006

Cogent anti-war protest

On the March 18 anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, A.N.S.W.E.R. organized a series of rallies. A guy who calls himself Zombie (who frequently photographs protests rallies) took some pictures of the San Francisco rally. You can see them here.

In an effort to convince the undecided on the war, the protesters seemingly did their best to present reasoned arguments against the war. And what reasonable person wouldn't be swayed by the cogency of the phrases I've culled from Zombie's pics of signs, banners and buttons? Here are some of my favorites:
  • Bush equals Hitler
  • 9-11 was a fraud! An excuse for imperialist wars to control world oil supplies and impose US & Israeli empire
  • F--- Bush [Vulgarity edited. This is a family blog.]
  • Free Iraq & Palestine! Stop U.S. & Israeli killers & torturers! End their imperialist occupations now!
  • Support our Brave AWOLs COs and Deserters
  • If we must kill, let it be capitalism!
  • US Israel, partners in crime, in Iraq and Palestine
  • Jail Bush for the murder of JFK!
  • I support the Iraqi resistance
  • Israel out of the Occupied Territories! For a Socialist Federation of the Near East
  • Smash the Jewish State
  • Defend the Cuban revolution. US hands off Venezuela. Socialist Workers Party, Young Socialists.
  • Bush is the symptom. Capitalism is the disease. Revolution is the cure.
(Hat tip: John Hawkins. All phrases from rally photos by Zombie, except the last which comes from a photo posted by ANSWER. )