Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gaza terrorists implicitly recognize Israel's moral authority

Did you see yesterday's news about Gaza?

In an effort to reduce or eliminate casualties, Israel alerts a leader of a Palestinean terrorist organization to evacuate the area before commencing air strikes.

The leader of the Palestinean group--which has a history of deliberately targeting Israeli civilians for death--uses Palistinean civilians as human shields.

Can there be any doubt as to where the moral authority lies in this case? The terrorists themselves recognize that Israel respects human life more than they do.

A bit more background: The terrorist organization in question, the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), is a Palestinean group which, among other activities, deliberately and admittedly targets civilians for death. Read background on PRC here, here and here. Recent PRC activities have included lobbing shells into populated Israeli towns.

When Israeli officials decided to take out the home of PRC leader Mohammed Baroud with an air strike, they called a few minutes ahead to alert Baroud to evacuate his house. Instead of evacuating, Baroud headed to his local mosque and rounded up civilians to serve as human shields. The Israelis saw this and cancelled the air strike.