Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Name that party

The New York Times today covered two stories that broke yesterday about politicians involved in unsavory sexual situations. One of the two politicians is a Republican, one is a Democrat. Guess which one the Times identified by party?

  • The first story is about a New York City Councilman who pleaded guilty Monday to two misdemeanors connected to unwanted sexual contact. The second sentence of the Times story mentions the guilty party's party:
    Mr. Gallagher, 43, a Queens Republican, told the court in a non-emotional tone that he touched the 52-year-old victim against her will....
  • The second story is about New York's new governor who, soon after his inauguration Monday, admitted that he and his wife had carried on extra-marital affairs. The Times reporter must have had a hard time tracking down the new Governor's political affiliation, because in the nine-paragraph article he neglected to mention that the new governor is a Democrat.
Update: Yeah, I posted this before Taranto did. Yeah, he used my stuff without linking me. Yeah, I sent him the link to my piece before he published. And though he did credit me (by my non-blog name, in the list at the bottom of the page), he is well enough steeped in blog etiquette to know he shoulda linked me. James, James, James.

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