Friday, June 11, 2004

NPR: Our taxes at work

My uncle has a sort of game. He listens to NPR on the way to work and sees if he can tolerate it for the full commute (typically about 12 minutes -- needless to say he's not a New Yorker) before turning it off in disgust.

This afternoon I did the same. First was a short news report on the Reagan funeral. Then a brief quote from Bush père on Reagan's humor: When I asked him how was Tutu, he said so-so.

Then an in-depth segment on the Iranian reaction to Reagan's death. Statements about Reagan being the Great Satan. Connections between Reagan and Saddam. Man on the street interview with a first-name-only Irani who did not like Reagan. Quotes from the government-controlled Iranian press on how bad Reagan was.

End of segment. End of my listening to NPR for the day.