Thursday, July 29, 2004

Liberté, Egalité, Antisémitisme

Anti-Semitism will drive 3000 Jews out of France this year alone, up from a "trickle" some years ago. 

The narrator of  this CBS News clip blames the drastic increase in anti-Semitism on Moslem-Jewish tensions and neo-Nazi groups.  But ample evidence points to the acceptance of Jew-hating among the educated Christian elite as well.  As CBS reports, France has the dubious distinction of being the leader in a new Europe-wide increase in anti-Semitic incidents. 

One emigrating woman explains her reason for leaving: "Simply, we are afraid."  Another woman cites anti-Semitism and terrorism as her reasons for leaving France.  To where is she moving?  Israel.  Imagine what the mood in France must be if people are moving to Israel to avoid terrorism.