Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Of hehs, indeeds and yeses

Anyone who's been around the blogosphere knows that Glenn Reynolds is famed for his timely use of "heh" and "indeed." 

But there seems to be a shift occurring.  Not a fast shift, mind you.  More like a large ship starting to turn.  Has anyone else spotted it?

I'm talking about several recent posts where Glenn used "yes" as a stand-alone sentence when "indeed" would have sufficed quite well.  Indeed, during this time, Glenn's stand-alone use of "yes" has significantly outpaced similar use of "indeed." Not that "yes" is new parlance for Glen.  Indeed, he has used it for virtually as long as he's been blogging, if not longer. 

The changes are twofold.  First it's quantity, the subtle increase in numbers of "yeses" compared to "indeeds."  And second, it's how the words are used.  The one-word sentence of choice to denote agreement historically was "indeed"; "yes" was typically relegated to part of multi-word sentences.  And that appears to be changing.

Is this shift good for the blogosphere?  Good for the country? I leave it to those smarter than I to answer.

What next, I ask?  Cats chasing dogs?  An admission by John Kerry that he served in Vietnam?