Thursday, September 23, 2004

News flash from the left: Allawi opposed Saddam

This evening I watched Hannity & Colmes interview Bill Bennett. Colmes (representing the left, for those unfamiliar with the show) had a particularly embarrassing moment.

Colmes asked what he apparently thought would be a "gotcha" question, exposing Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi as some sort of monster and thus exposing the poor judgment of the Bush Administration for letting him take power.

What was Colmes' damning question? He asked Bennett if he was comfortable with Allawi in light of allegations that have just emerged that Allawi, with the help of the CIA, had tried to kill Saddam with a bomb.

Bennett of course was quite comfortable with that. Indeed how could anyone not be comfortable with that? Colmes continued by protesting that first of all this would have disrupted the Iraqi government and second, while there's no evidence to support it, there might have been some collateral damage. Can he be serious? Does he think that cooperating with the U.S. to try to take out a murderous despot like Saddam somehow disqualifies Allawi for office? Especially when regime change was the stated policy of the U.S. government? And when we have since gone to war to make that regime change happen?

Is Colmes losing touch with reality? Tonight was the first time in awhile that I watched the show, but if this performance is representative, surely Hannity could find a better foil.

Update: Instapundit has a round-up of comments on the Kerry camp's disrespect of American ally Allawi.