Friday, October 29, 2004

Commentary on an endorsement

Jane Galt writes 3331 words ultimately arriving at an endorsement for Bush. Here's how she came out on some of the issues, with my commentary following each issue. Note that the last issue, foreign policy, is what is determining my vote.

Here's the format:
Issue: Jane Galt's choice
David M's commentary.

And so, without further ado, the issues:
The Environment: Kerry by a hair
Democrats to their credit think more about the environmental implications of various activities; but the Democratic environmental agenda is often hijacked by the loony left who see most economic activity as intrinsically bad because it might harm the environment in some way.
Education: Bush by a landslide
Agreed. I wish Bush had been less bipartisan on the drafting of No Child Left Behind. (Vouchers and school choice should have been a far bigger piece of the bill.) But Bush's instincts here are better than Kerry's.

Health Care: Bush easily
Agreed. Bush's prescription drug bill comprises some good ideas lost among a huge unfortunate new federal entitlement. But Kerry's plan has much, much more government involvement than anything Bush has proposed or signed; it's a plan which pushes us down the road toward likely disastrous long-term consequences.
Gay marriage: Kerry
Agreed. It's silly to amend the Constitution on this issue. Fortunately, it won't happen in my lifetime.
The Supreme Court: Bush
Agreed. To my mind, the main role of the Supreme Court is to keep the feds out of my life. Bush appointees would come a heckuva lot closer to doing this.
The Economy: Neither
Disagreed. Under Bush, taxes would be significantly lower than under Kerry, the deficit would be slightly lower and pro-business policies (especially re: dividends and capital gains) would tend to promote growth. Bush's big negative: He's let domestic spending grow outrageously. But Kerry's plan would grow it more.
Trade: Bush
Corporate Welfare: Kerry
No point of view.

Tax policy: Bush
Agreed. Big time.

Poverty policy: Bush
Agreed. Economic growth and education are the ticket here.
Entitlements: Bush
Agreed, especially if you lump in Kerry's drastic increase in government sponsorship of healthcare.
Civil Liberties: Neither

Like may folks who consider themselves civil libertarians, I disagree with much of what the ACLU does. And I suspect the Patriot Act does far more good than bad. Does that put me in the Bush camp?

The Budget: Neither

Disagreed. I'm unimpressed with the deficits Bush has amassed due in large part to unrestrained new federal programs. But Kerry would be worse.

Foriegn policy: ???
Here Jane meanders through pluses and minuses of each candidate ultimately seeming to come down on Bush's side.

No meandering here for me. On this issue I support Bush. Unwaveringly.

To me, this is a one-issue election. Bush has earned my vote on his handling of the Global War on Terror. Like Ed Koch, I would vote for Bush even if I disagreed with him on many or most domestic issues.

Bush's instincts are right here. He understands what's at stake. We face a determined enemy who wants us dead. We need to take it to that enemy and to anyone reasonably suspected of supporting that enemy. If you run a county which harbors militant Islamist radicals, you should know that you are our enemy. With Bush in office, that is clear. There is no room for nuance.