Thursday, October 07, 2004

Kerry's not the only flip-flopper on Iraq

Apparently Edwards can turn with the political winds almost as well as his running mate. Stephen Hayes has the goods in the Daily Standard (on which this whole post is based).

In the debate, Edwards repeatedly said that Iraq was a distraction from the War on Terror ("Mr. Vice President, we were attacked but we weren't attacked by Saddam Hussein." The Admistration took its "eye off the ball.") But here's what Edwards said in October 2002 about authorizing the invasion of Iraq:
Others argue that if even our allies support us, we should not support this resolution because confronting Iraq now would undermine the long-term fight against terrorist groups like al Qaeda. Yet, I believe that this is not an either-or choice. Our national security requires us to do both, and we can.

In the debate Edwards repeatedly dismissed the connection between Saddam and terrorists. But this is what Edwards said in September 2002:
The terrorist threat against America is all too clear. Thousands of terrorist operatives around the world would pay anything to get their hands on Saddam's arsenal, and there is every reason to believe that Saddam would turn his weapons over to these terrorists. No one can doubt that if the terrorists of September 11 had had weapons of mass destruction, they would have used them. On September 12, 2002, we can hardly ignore the terrorist threat and the serious danger that Saddam would allow his arsenal to be used in aid of terror.
Seems there's a pattern here.