Monday, October 04, 2004

Teresa Heinz Kerry

Betsy Newmark is unimpressed by comments Teresa Heinz Kerry made Sunday:

The Taliban is back running Afghanistan," Heinz Kerry said.

I guess she hasn't noticed that they're holding elections now. When did the Taliban hold elections?

"No American boy or girl should lose their lives for oil," she said.

There is absolutely no evidence that we're taking the oil from the Iraqis. Is this her way of widening the coalition as her husband claims he will do? Come, France and Germany, send your boys and girls to lose their lives for oil. Yup, that will do it.

"Every child in America will receive health care from day one if John is elected. Period," she said.

Does she understand how that whole congressional process works? She's only been married to two senators.

What an idiot she is! Remember when the CW on her was how smart she is? I don't buy it at all.