Friday, October 01, 2004

Did Hailey fudge his resume?

Utah State University's David Hailey, Associate Professor of Professional and Technical Communication, is at the center of a storm regarding the CBS hoax documents.

According to Hailey's bio on the USU web site, he received a BA in English from the University of Puget Sound in 1974.

The University of Puget Sound registrar's office confirmed to me by telephone that he received a BA in 1974 (May 26, to be precise). But a first look at their system (by the registrar's office)shows the degree to be in art, not English. The registrar's office will check the microfilm and call me back with more details.


Update: A commenter points out that Hailey has a c.v. elsewhere on the USU site (in the "IMRL"--Interactive Media and Research Laboratory--section, which is recently available online after being down in recent days) which lists his Puget Sound major as "Creative Writing and Fine Art."