Tuesday, October 19, 2004


This would be silly parody if there weren't a video of the whole thing:
"For a guy who's been known derisively to the Bush crowd as the Breck girl," observes Shearer, vice presidential candidate John Edwards seems "way too interested in his hair." He tries to straighten it with his fingers. A makeup technician approaches with a comb, but the senator likes it just so and does the combing himself. He signals he's ready for hair spray by closing his eyes expectantly, like a child. Then Edwards and the technician straighten a little more with their fingers. Please don't tell me that thing in his hand is a compact. Oh, dear. It is.
Update: Tee hee:
John Edwards deserves my vote - if he can bring the same focus and single-minded determination to the war on terror that he brings to parting his hair, Osama may as well surrender on Nov. 2.