Thursday, October 07, 2004

PA Mufti endorses murder of Jews. U.S. press silent.

A murder was reported in today's Jerusalem Post:
Gunmen belonging to Fatah's armed wing, Aksa Martyrs Brigades, on Wednesday night shot and killed a Palestinian who had been suspected of selling land to Jews.
What's worse, the Palestinean Authority doesn't seem particularly bothered by this sort of activity:
The PA has repeatedly banned Palestinians from selling lands and houses to Jews. Many Palestinians who were suspected of involvement in real estate deals with Jews have been murdered over the past few decades.

The PA Mufti of Jerusalem issued a 'fatwa' (religious decree) several years ago prohibiting Palestinians from selling land to Jews, saying those who violate would be killed.
Can you imagine an Israeli government rabbi proclaiming that anyone selling land to a Muslim would be killed? He would be roundly denounced and removed from any government position, if not prosecuted. And the U.S. media would have a field day. But an official of the PA endorsing the killing of Jews? Nobody in the U.S. media seems to care.