Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Why I will not support Amnesty International

Back in May I posted an entry called Amnesty International moves further from relevance discussing Amnesty International's just-released annual report. Here's an excerpt:
You are reading correctly -- the only country that AI's summary mentions as a perpetrator of human rights abuses is the U.S. No mention of terrorists as human rights abusers. No mention of countries that routinely torture their own citizens.
The entire report contained no mention of human rights concerns in Cuba, China, North Korea or most of the former Soviet republics.

And now Power Line posts a copy of a flyer advertising an upcoming Amnesty International meeting. The flyer, which was apparently posted around the Penn State campus, reads, "Pissed off about the election?... Come share your views and your anger..." It contains a picture of a boy stomping on a swastika. The implications are (1) AI is looking to attract Bush haters and (2) AI thinks that Bush is somehow associated with Naziism.

And so the potentially great organization of Amnesty International has alienated me yet further.