Monday, December 13, 2004

Nutella blogging

Michelle Malkin is bringing long neglected Nutella blogging into its own. A highlight:

Here in the States, it's not the Nutella that defines your politics. It's how you eat it:

  • On a rice cake: Left.
  • On Wonder bread: Right.
  • With fruit: Left.
  • With potato chips. Right.
  • On a crostini: Left.
  • Straight out of the jar: Just right.
But Malkin neglects to mention the two Nutella discussion topics chez David M:
  • Did you notice Kobe Bryant's picture mysteriously falling off the Nutella label round about the time the rape charges surfaced?
  • And what was Kobe doing as a Nutella's American posterboy in the first place? The demographics just didn't seem quite right.