Thursday, May 19, 2005

Great minds

A round-up of commentators (from the right) who have appropriately blamed the recent mayhem and death on Islamic fanatics rather than on Newsweek:
  • Andrew McCarthy, in a May 17 column (via K-Lo):
    The reason for the carnage here was, and is, militant Islam. Nothing more.
  • David M, in a May 17 blog post:

    Newsweek practiced poor journalism, but radical Islamists--not Newsweek journalists--are responsible for the pursuant death and mayhem.

  • David Brooks, in a May 19 column:
    Maybe we should all focus on what's important. Newsweek's little item was seized and exploited by America's enemies in a way that was characteristically cynical, delusional and fascistic.
  • Jonah Goldberg, in a May 20 column (via Betsy):
    Look, birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and jihadi nutbags have to riot. Such is the nature of things. Normally, conservatives grasp this - but that's when the riots are inadvertently caused by something President Bush does or says. When Newsweek accidentally causes riots, the "gotcha" logic kicks in.
  • Jeff Jacoby, in a May 20 column (via Betsy):
    The Muslim riots should have been met by an international upwelling of outrage and condemnation. From every part of the civilized world should have come denunciations of those who would react to the supposed destruction of a book with brutal threats and the slaughter of 17 innocent people. But the chorus of condemnation was directed not at the killers and the fanatics who incited them, but at Newsweek.