Thursday, June 23, 2005

Accuracy in Media on Navasky/CJR

Accuracy in Media has an overview article today on Victor Navasky running Columbia Journalism Review entitled "Leftist Takes Over Columbia Journalism Review." [Update: There is also a link to a radio version of the story available on the same page.] In a piece which expands on her earlier article for the One Republic Journal, Sherrie Gossett, associate editor of the AIM Report, gives much appreciated credit to this blog:
In another case of a blogger breaking a story and establishment media following up on it, a blogger known only as "David M" reported on May 31 that "Victor Navasky, publisher, editorial director and apparently co-owner of iconic left wing journal The Nation, is running the Columbia Journalism Review; however, he is not on the masthead."
Gossett also bemoans the paucity of MSM coverage of the issue:
Apart from E&P and The New York Sun, there has been no coverage of the CJR-Navasky connection. One can imagine the broad coverage that would ensue would it be learned that some outspoken conservative was pulling the strings behind a major journalism's school's prime publication. Adding to the intrigue would be why was the relationship hidden from the public?
And she draws on Laura Vanderkam's February piece in the DC Examiner, "Hammered: How blogs are shattering the arrogance of the Columbia Journalism Review and why that's good for journalism."

I'm glad AIM is on the case. Notably however, CJR itself has still not covered the issue either in its journal or its blog, except for a somewhat unsatisfactory note from the Columbia Journalism School dean.