Friday, June 10, 2005

Irony: CJR advocates "honest journalism"

The lead editorial in the current Columbia Journalism Review (which came out before it was revealed that left-liberal ideologist Victor Navasky was running the publication behind the scenes) has some delicious and unintended irony.

The link in the table of contents has the heading,
Honest journalism must make its case.
Um, what about being honest about who is running CJR?

The actual editorial is entitled,
It’s Time to Reconnect the Press and the Public
Here's a tip for a first step: When you make a pretense of letting the public know who is running your organization by publishing a masthead, you may want to put on the masthead the name of the guy who is running the organization. And no points for putting him on only after you are embarrassed into doing so.

Here's a snippet from the editorial:
If we want people on our side, in other words, we have to do work that actually benefits them. And we have to explain ourselves.
OK, we're waiting, CJR. Please explain yourself. Your recent attempt to do so was too late and fell far short of the mark.