Thursday, June 23, 2005

A walk on the left side

I try to make a habit of reading lefty blogs better to understand various points of view. Too often what I learn is that a deep, deep suspicion, even hatred, of President Bush and his policies can lead to a distorted view of world affairs.

Today I stumbled across a post entitled, "Is It Good That Iraq Has Been A Disaster?," by one Winston Smith. Problems with the premise of the title aside, here is an excerpt of Mr. Smith's post:
If this whole stupid, rotten, sordid Iraq fiasco had gone well, the long-term
consequences for the country and the world might have been even worse than they
will be if it goes badly.

Smith's basic rationale: An easy victory would have vindicated Bush and his policies, and that would have led to disastrous consequences.

After all, BUSH LIED!!!, doncha know.