Thursday, July 14, 2005

Navasky still not on CJR online masthead

44 days after this blog revealed that Victor Navasky was running Columbia Journalism Review without being listed in the masthead, and 43 days after CJR told the press that Navasky would appear on the masthead as chairman, Navasky's name is nowhere to be found on CJR's online masthead.

The top people listed are executive editor Michael Hoyt and publisher Evan Cornog, both of whom presumably report to Navasky.

To date, nobody at CJR has publicly commented on the issues surrounding the hiring of Navasky. (The dean of Columbia Journalism School did issue one note on Navasky's role in the wake of public exposure of that role.) So far, not a single mention by CJR (or its blog) of the potential concerns--perceived or real--of having a high-profile ideologist of the left running the "neutral" media watchdog; not a mention of the inappropriateness of having a controversial person holding the reins of the magazine while not being listed on the masthead.

Why the silence?