Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Media watchdog CJR succumbs to media watchdog blogosphere

Apparently between yesterday--when this blog broke the story of Victor Navasky's involvement with Columbia Journalism Review--and today, CJR has decided to put Navasky on the masthead.

In an article today, Editor & Publisher is reporting that starting with the next issue of CJR, Victor Navasky of The Nation will appear on the CJR masthead as "chairman."

In an interview reported yesterday on this blog, Navasky said it was premature for him to appear on the CJR masthead since his job description had not yet been determined. This blog also reported that CJR executive editor Michael Hoyt said he felt Navasky's name belonged on the masthead "as soon as possible."

In related news, somewhat surprisingly, CJR blog CJR Daily has not mentioned this issue at all as of this post.
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