Thursday, June 02, 2005

NY Sun covers Navasky story

The New York Sun has a good overview today on the Navasky/CJR story (only first few paragraphs available online without subscription):
...While Mr. [Nicholas] Lemann [dean of the Columbia School of Journalism] intended Mr. Navasky to oversee CJR, his exact role at the magazine wasn't agreed upon until this week, after a New York-based blogger, who goes by the name David M, wrote on Tuesday of the CJR's high profile hire. Shortly after that blog entry, Mr. Lemann and Mr. Navasky settled on the title of "chairman," and said Mr. Navasky's name would be on the masthead in the next issue of CJR....

Mr. Navasky said the staff of the review "wanted me to be listed" on the masthead. He preferred to keep a lower profile, he said, because "I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing here."
The article also cites Power Line (ellipsis in Sun story):
A popular conservative blog, Power Line, had sounded a suspicious note. "CJR purports to be an unbiased media watchdog publication. Yet ... a major left-wing polemicist is calling the shots at CJR without any mention on the masthead," it said.
So far, the Sun is the only newspaper I have found covering the story.


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