Friday, June 03, 2005

Brit Hume on Navasky

On Fox News last night, during the 6:30 pm "Political Grapevine" segment, Brit Hume covered the Navasky story by citing E&P:
'America's Premier Media Monitor'?

The Columbia Journalism Review has always insisted it is "America's Premier Media Monitor," and not, as some have suggested, a liberal political journal masquerading as a journalism review. But whom has it turned to lately for guidance? Why, Victor Navasky, the publisher and editorial director of the staunchly liberal magazine The Nation. According to CJR executive editor Michael Hoyt, Navasky has "gradual[ly]" been taking on a key role over the past few months, a role, Hoyt says, that's higher than his own.

But, Hoyt insists it's "99 percent financial," saying that every Friday Navasky meets with staff to "talk business side. ... He doesn't push anything editorially." Navasky tells Editor & Publisher magazine that the next issue of CJR will list him as "Chairman."
(Via News Hounds.)
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