Thursday, July 14, 2005

NEA promotes liberal politics at annual meeting. Also occasionally mentions education.

Captain Ed writes about the Natioal Education Association's annual meeting agenda:
If I wanted to parody the NEA, I couldn't draft a better list than this. Anyone arguing that this special-interest group has the welfare of children as its first priority should read this list carefully and often.
Some of his evidence: There are 14 items on the agenda before the first item that directly pertains to educating children. Matter of fact, only two of the top 30 items directly relate to educating children. Five of the top 20 involve Social Security politics. (Wonder where the NEA stands on this? - Ed. See asterisk below.*) And somehow the NEA managed to squeeze in resolutions demanding US withdrawal from Iraq, defeat of CAFTA, supporting the boycott of Gallo Wines.

I'd add that the NEA also somehow found time in its agenda for resolutions on promotion of "strong public programs and institutions in the face of increasing privatization" and education on "the regressive taxation practices of the Federal Government." What, the NEA politically biased?

Here is the list itself.

* Here's how the NEA stands on Social Security reform. Surprise, surprise:
In accord with the NEA Legislative Program, NEA shall develop and implement a communications plan to inform members of the adverse consequences associated with any effort to either directly or indirectly divert Social Security Trust Fund surplus amounts to private accounts within Social Security.
(Hat tip: Neolibertarian Network.)