Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Ira Stoll blog

I can't wait: Ira Stoll's got a new blog.

Stoll's smartertimes.com, a one-man effort to provided daily critiques of The New York Times was one of the original and best media criticism blogs.

Eventually and unfortunately, Stoll could not continue to maintain the site when he started to focus on getting The New York Sun up and running. I'm delighted with the Sun, but, like many others, I've missed Stoll's blogging.

The exciting news is that Stoll has apparently started blogging again, at a site called It Shines For All. While the site is apparently associated with the Sun, I cannot find a link from the Sun's main site to the blog.

Stoll's blogroll includes eight "big" blogs and four "smaller" blogs. I'm humbled that David M is included.