Monday, August 08, 2005

Women who flirt do worse at work

According to a USA Today report on a new Tulane study, women who answer yes to any of the following questions garner fewer promotions and a lower salary than their more straitlaced counterparts:
  • I wear a skirt or something more revealing than usual around clients or supervisors to get attention.
  • I flirt with people at work.
  • I draw attention to my legs by crossing them provocatively when in meetings or sitting with a group of men at work.
  • I hint or imply that I am attracted to a man (men) at work even if I am not.
  • I purposely let men sneak a look down my shirt when I lean over a table.
  • I massage a man's shoulders or back while at work.
  • I sent flirty or risqué e-mails to male co-workers.
  • I tell male co-workers or clients they look sexy or "hot."
  • I allow men to linger at certain places of my body while hugging them.
  • I emphasize my sexuality while at work by the way I dress, speak, and act.
About half of the women polled answered yes to at least one of the questions.

(Hat tip.)