Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Memo to Steinbrenner: this isn't what we need (again)

Self-described idiot Johnny Damon is a Yankee, and I don't like it.

From what I have heard, Damon is not particularly a class act. And Derek Jeter is a better lead-off guy (higher on-base percentage, the most important lead-off stat). Damon's arm is no better than Bernie Williams' was, and his range is not what it was. Damon is 30-something and will I suspect get worse over the course of the contract. Shouldn't have spent eight figures on the guy. Should have signed the younger and cheaper Juan Pierre instead.

Or perhaps I'm just bitter that Damon beat us almost single-handedly in game 7 two years ago.

And for the record, I reserve the right to change my mind utterly once I get used to him in pinstripes.

Here are their OBPs:

Year Jeter Damon Pierre
2005 .389 .366 .326
2004 .352 .380 .374
2003 .393 .345 .361
2002 .373 .356 .332
career .386 .353 .355

And here's what I wrote in this space a year ago:

Memo to Steinbrenner: this isn't what we need

How many aging superstars with eight-figure salaries will the Yankees acquire immediately after they have an MVP-caliber season?

Keith Srakocic/AP