Tuesday, March 07, 2006

NYT unskeptically reports on Cubans' professed love of country

The headline on the front page of yesterday's New York Times sports section reads,
Passion in Work and at Play: Cubans Talk of Their Love for Baseball and Country
There is no mention anywhere in the article of what would happen to the players if they expressed anything except love of their country.

Here is a scan of the article:

(Click on image to enlarge in separate window.)

(The online version of the article is missing the offending part of the headline.)

The article's body, as well, talks unskeptically about the players' love of Cuba. For example, it mentions a Cuban infielder who
parlayed a question about [Alex Rodriguez's] big salary to express his devotion to Cuba.
Memo to Jack Curry, the article's writer, and his editors at the Times: Last I heard Cuba was a one-party communist dictatorship without freedom of speech. Might it have been a sensible caveat to warn readers that the players' professed love for Cuba might have been a wee bit influenced by the potential repercussions if they had said anything else?