Monday, April 17, 2006

Yale Taliban update

Per the latest from John Fund, more people of all political stripes are coming to realize Yale's foolishness in admitting the Taliban man.

For example, liberal Yale alumnus and editor of the New Haven Advocate Mark Oppenheimer was making silly comments about how this was an issue promoted by "right-wing boobs... doing their fake-fury thing." Fund reports that Oppenheimer has changed his thinking on the matter and that Oppenheimer attributes his earlier, misguided point of view to a gut reaction that the right must be wrong:
Mark Oppenheimer, a Yale grad who edits the New Haven Advocate, an alternative weekly, says he has "finally come to the conclusion" that "Yale should not have enrolled someone who helped lead a regime that destroyed religious icons, executed adulterers and didn't let women learn to read. Surely, the spot could have better gone to, say, Afghani women, who have such difficulty getting schooling in their own country."

Mr. Oppenheimer attributes his prior reluctance to realize Yale had erred to "basic human stubbornness" and says he finds it "awfully upsetting to agree with jokers like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly," both of whom have discussed the Yale story on Fox News Channel. "The harder they flogged this issue, the more I became convinced that they had to be wrong. I just feel better across the fence from them. . . . I think it's utterly fair to blame the right wing for making me so desperate to dissemble."