Friday, March 28, 2008

Commentary's "Contentions" is on a roll

  • Bernard Lewis describes the presidential canditates as
    competing Chamberlains and the hope of a Churchill.
  • Sam Munson posts Geert Wilders's film Fitna on radical Islamism (also available here). Go watch it. I've got no doubt that many Muslims see Islam as the religion of peace portrayed here. But that doesn't mean that the radical Islamism portrayed by Wilders is any less real, or any less of an existential threat to civil society.
  • Abe Greenwald writes that McCain's new ad is directed at Obama:
    If everyone else is still toying with the idea of Hillary’s triumphant superdelegate finale, no one’s been told at McCain headquarters.
    (See the ad here.) I'm not as quick to count out Clinton. And Jennifer Rubin doesn't count out Gore.