Sunday, June 13, 2004

CNN: We failed the American people with our coverage of Reagan during his presidency

Rigth after the funeral, Bernie Shaw admitted on CNN that the newsmedia failed the american people by not recognizing Reagan during his presidency--and Wolf Blitzer and Paula Zahn agreed:
Bernie Shaw: “I’d just like to say something…We failed the American people with our coverage…I certainly missed a lot.”

Wolf Blitzer: “We’ve learned a lot about this presidency since his two terms in office.”

Paula Zahn: “I just wanted to add, Wolf, I do think there is new material coming out now about Ronald Reagan. With the distance of years we have the ability to get information…
Now might be a good time for them to examine their coverage of George W. Bush, so Bernie won't need to apologize again several decades hence.

(Link via Betsy's Page.)