Monday, September 27, 2004

Bush fulfilled Guard duty, volunteered for Nam

While I don't think Bush's National Guard record is a very relevant issue, many in the media do. So I wonder why this story is not getting more coverage. Actually, no, I don't wonder at all; Bush's Guard record is relevant as long as it hurts Bush. Why would a major media outlet want to run a story like this?
Retired Colonel Ed Morrisey served in the Air National Guard and is familiar with the President's record since the beginning of his service.

Opposite a portrayal of a soldier not performing his duty he describes a flyer, near the top of his class.

Retired Colonel Morrisey has trained, developed and commanded lots of soldiers over a distinguished career.

He also swore in one very notable officer.

"George W. went to pilot training, seated well, being selected to be a fighter pilot, which is at the top of the line in the Air Force selection process. Came back to train in the F-102 at Ellington. He stood alert like anyone else," says Colonel Morrisey.

According to Morrisey, then-Lieutenant Bush more than fulfilled his guard requirements.

Morrisey says in the six years the President served he never failed to meet participation point requirements.

"Bush averaged 176 per year. In no year did he have less that 50," says Morrisey. "He was rated by his commander, Col. Maurice Udell in the top 5 of his pilots."

One of the criticisms leveled at the President is that he sought guard service to keep him from serving in Vietnam.

Morrisey says, "not so."

"The Air Force, in their ultimate wisdom, assembled a group of 102's and took them to Southeast Asia. Bush volunteered to go. But he needed to have 500 [flight] hours, but he only had just over 300 hours so he wasn't eligible to go,” Morrisey recalls.
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